IGCSE (Grade 11) and AS LevelĀ (Grade 12)

SMIS offers Cambridge IGCSE and AS Level Examinee student.

High School Department

High School Grade 7 to Grade 10

The High School Department programs allow students to strengthen skills and apply principles introduced in the Lower School. More advanced research, writing projects and discussions help students to enhance understanding and clear communication. Participation in increasingly sophisticated applications of concepts and experiential projects across the curriculum keeps learning active.

High School Department (SMIS) has well-equipped science laboratory, computer laboratory and library, audio-visual room for visual presentation, an information centre and extensive sports grounds.

Primary Department

  1. Upper Primary (Grade 4 to Grade 6) – Main Buidling
  2. Lower Primary (Grade 1 to Grade 3) – Annex Building

The Primary Department program offers a blend of child-centered and teacher-directed activities. Relying on best practices for the emerging abilities of children in this age range, the program blends traditional systematic instruction emphasizing reading, writing and numeration with child-initiated activities, intriguing hands-on projects and supportive learning materials.

Primary Department has adventure playground, a library, a comprehensive computer laboratory and sports & academic programme.

Pre-school Department

Kinder I & Kinder 2, Preparatory, Playgroup

Early Childhood

This holds high expectations for pupil’s achievement and provides guidance for each child to meet and exceed personal and program goals and offers the finest collection of hands-on/mind-on activities, a specially- prepared environment and qualified teachers in early learning for ages 3 to 6.

  1. Intellectual Capabilities through Brain Development
  2. Social, Moral and Emotional Development.

Pre-School Deparment has adventure playground, sports & academic programme.