It is the policy of SMIS to enable students to develop appropriate learning strategies and become independent and lifelong learners

The Library cards are issued to maintain and control the educational materials inside the library. Library cards must be brought during school days. Lost library cards must be replaced. Lost books or other library materials borrowed should be paid or replaced.

Borrower’s Card Rules

1. The Borrower’s card is a property of Stella Maris International School – Nampula
It can only be issued to SMIS students and teachers; and report immediately to the office if it is lost and found.

a.) All books borrowed are to be returned after three days. A new due date shall be written if the reading is not yet finished.
b.) Resource books are only used in the library.

2. A penalty of 5.00Mts a day shall be paid on overdue books. Overdue books must be returned within 3 days (inclusive of weekend or public holidays) after the due date. If the book still not returned after the grace period the student will be barred from using the library facilities until the book has been returned and the dues paid for.

4. Any book lost or damaged should be replaced.

5. Upon permanent leaving from the school, the Borrower’s Card has to be surrendered.

Entry Into The Library

Only lecturers (faculty and adjunct), staff, student, and alumni of Stella Maris International School are allowed entry into the library. (Outsiders are not allowed into the Library unless escorted by a SMIS staff member.)

  1. Students must deposit their Student ID card with the Librarian.
  2. Students with no Student ID cards are not allowed to enter.
  3. No bags (except your money purse or lady handbag) are allowed in the library.
  4. The Librarian is not accountable for any missing items from a student’s bag.

Exit From The Library

  1. The Librarian will perform a check of all materials to be taken out. This includes your purse or lady handbag, files, folders, books, notebook etc.
  2. The librarian reserves the right to perform a body search, if necessary. Student ID card will be returned after the check
  3. If you do not like your materials to be checked, then do not bring them into the Library.

Cancellation Of Borrowing Priveleges

Borrowing privileges will be cancelled if a borrower uses them irresponsibly (e.g. by lending a library card to another individual, by damaging books, by failing to replace a lost item, by failing to pay fines, or by failing to top up the requisite deposit).

In this situation, borrowers are also barred from using all the Library facilities.

Replacement For Damaged Or Lost Items

If the borrowed books are torn or soiled in any manners, the borrower has to reimburse the school with a new book of the same type and value.

Items that are not returned within 3 weeks of the due date are presumed lost and the borrowers have to reimburse the school with a new book of the same type and value.

Borrowers forfeit the right to borrow until the book has been replaced, and/or the requisite library deposit has been topped up. In addition, their academic results will be withheld.

Replacement by library

The library will issue a notice to cover the replacement cost (including fines already incurred up to the date on which the item was reported lost).

The cost of replacing the lost items(s) will be based on the current market price plus all the ancillary charges incurred, such as courier charge, packaging cost, bank charge etc.

In this case, the school may use the borrower’s library deposit to purchase this book, and the borrower will then have to top up the requisite library deposit.

The rights of the borrower for using the library facilities will only be restored after the person has top up the deposit.