Any visitor(s) of SMIS students must have a visitor’s pass while on the campus or attending any events. Visitor’s passes are obtained from the Security Office. The school administration and the security office reserve the right to refuse or revoke a visitor’s pass without prior notice. Violators of the Visitor’s Pass Policy are subject to prosecution for trespassing.

Please be sure to follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. Visitor’s are expected to stay with their host.
  2. Hosts are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their visitor(s).
  3. Visitors must have their passes with them at all times and are required to present them on request.
  4. Students are limited to two visitors at one time.
  5. Passes are valid for a period of three days. If further visitation is desired, Security may renew the pass for a maximum of three more days. Any extension beyond those three days must be approved by the Office.
  6. Visitors’ passes will not be issued to anyone under the age of 18, unless he/she is a younger sibling of an enrolled student.
  7. Former students who withdrew in good standing may be issued a visitor’s pass with a sponsor.
  8. If there is an admission fee to an event for non-students, the visitor will be expected to pay such a fee.
  9. Visitor must park on city streets, and must observe alternate side parking. Guests may park in campus parking lots with permission from security.