The library gives students the opportunity to extend their reading experiences, discover and use information and learn research skills.

Overview  ›

The Stella Maris International School (SMIS) Library provides access to reliable information and expert services that support student and lifelong learning in a welcoming environment. THE LIBRARY AS A CORNERSTONE TO INDEPENDENT AND LIFE-LONG LEARNING, empowers students, not only by … Continued

Policy and Guidelines  ›

It is the policy of SMIS to enable students to develop appropriate learning strategies and become independent and lifelong learners The Library cards are issued to maintain and control the educational materials inside the library. Library cards must be brought … Continued

Prohibited Activities  ›

Behaviors that infringe upon the rights of library users or staff are prohibited. Prohibited activities and behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following: Making excessive noise, including loud conversations use of cell phones, using headphones for audio/video files, … Continued