The Stella Maris International School (SMIS) Library provides access to reliable information and expert services that support student and lifelong learning in a welcoming environment.

THE LIBRARY AS A CORNERSTONE TO INDEPENDENT AND LIFE-LONG LEARNING, empowers students, not only by supporting the teaching and learning in the school but by giving them the freedom to take their own choices about reading and learning experiences

The library gives students the opportunity to:

a) extend their reading experiences

b) discover and use information

c) learn research skills

SMIS students are the Library’s major constituency.  The needs of SMIS students have priority over other patrons who are granted library privileges for the purpose of research, quiet study, or personal enrichment.  All library users are expected to respect the rights and property of others and to treat library resources and facilities with appropriate care and respect.

Special Features

  1. Student and Faculty Reading Room
  2. Copy Machines