No student’s experience is exactly like another—from Freshman Year, so students are given the flexibility to chart their own paths. Your time with SMIS will be a holistic academic experience. Take some time to explore the many facets of the school that matters in education.

The school’s academic infrastructure focuses mainly on the curriculum of each subject area.  The curriculum is yearly evaluated for effectiveness and relevance according to the students’ needs and interests.  Students are required to attain a set of expectations which corresponds to the standards of the school.  Students are assessed and evaluated to maintain quality assurance through an external examination at the end of each term conducted by the assigned moderators.

Futhermore, academic programmes are designed to serve children from preschool and kindergarten age exhibiting delays in language and social skills to high school.  It is built on the belief that each child is unique in ability.   This therapeutic program will focus on cognitive, social-emotional, adaptive, behavioral, motor, and communication skill development within a relationship-based environment. We will provide each child with choices, challenges, and opportunities that nurture the feelings of competence, promote intellectual growth, and enable each child to achieve his or her potential.