It is the policy of Stella Maris International School in recognition of its responsibility to provide student the opportunity to complete their program of studies, to require that, a leave of absence be informed and filed by the parent / guardian of a student who voluntarily seeks to withdraw from the school program temporarily.

It is also the policy of Stella Maris International School, that a student who had enrolled in SMIS and who eventually transferred to another school shall, upon his / her return to SMIS, be treated as a new student.

Requirements and Procedure

  1. The applicable provisions under the policies and guidelines on admission shall apply to leave of absence, re-admission and transfer.
  2. A written application for leave of absence from SMIS shall be submitted by the concerned parents / guardians to the office of the Directress or for appropriate action.
  3. A student who wishes to withdraw from SMIS must secure a clearance from the Registrar’s / Secretary’s Office.  His/her withdrawal shall take effect as of the date the needed signatures shall have been accomplished.

Only in this case will Stella Maris International School be obliged to provide for the re-admission of the student concerned.