Stella Maris International School is a private co-educational school which aims to educate people of all races.

Historical Background  ›

The Stella Maris International School of (SMIS) formerly Princess Cinderella Kindergarten and Primary School (PCKPS) obtained its national recognition from the Ministry of Education of Mozambique (ALVARA),  a private non-sectarian school and was the first accredited English as medium of … Continued

Cambridge International Curriculum  ›

Checkpoint 1 to 3 Stella Maris International School follows the Cambridge guidelines for this level focusing on 3 core subjects, namely: English Language, Mathematics and Science. We continue to create a well rounded student by offering other subjects such as … Continued

Identification Card  ›

All students must have a valid Stella Maris International School (SMIS) identification (ID) card and are only permitted to possess one SMIS ID card at any given time. Excess cards will be confiscated by SMIS admin / personnel in-charge. For … Continued

Job Opportunities  ›

Teachers are considered to be the second parents of every student. They play an exceptionally significant role for the development of every child. Every thriving entity learned their very first ABC through these professionals. Teachers must have the capability to … Continued

Message from the General Directress  ›

Welcome to the Official webpage of Stella Maris International School (SMIS) of Nampula, Mozambique. I hope that you will take time to explore many interesting and exciting programs and opportunities we offer. We are here to motivate and encourage young … Continued

Message from the Principal  ›

“Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We are dedicated to research and develop new, innovative ideas and strengthen educational policy and practice. We are building our site to make it much easier to find and share resources related to our … Continued

Mission and Vision  ›

Mission Stella Maris International School is a private co-educational school which aims to educate people of all races.  We commit ourselves to the formation and development of students into mature individuals who are free and inner-directed, simple and just, capable … Continued

Visitor’s Information  ›

Any visitor(s) of SMIS students must have a visitor’s pass while on the campus or attending any events. Visitor’s passes are obtained from the Security Office. The school administration and the security office reserve the right to refuse or revoke … Continued

Campus Facilities  ›

Computer Laboratory The school invested in I.T. facilities purposely to provide convenient and effective help for learning and information in all aspects of computing including hardware, software and online access to enhance their ability and skills. It has 2 computer … Continued

Faculty & Staff  ›

The Stella Maris International School faculty is dedicated to delivering bold new ideas in the classroom which delivers quality instruction, motivates the students to reach for heights in critical thinking, and helps the institution to serve the community as well. … Continued

Library  ›

The library gives students the opportunity to extend their reading experiences, discover and use information and learn research skills.

Power in Unity  ›

As Educators we strive to encourage peace through accepting Multiculturalism

Life@SMIS  ›

The school will assists all the student with the transition to studying and living or while staying at SMIS, and we pay particular attention to those who may face significant challenges or barriers.