Stella Maris International School Quelimane has invested into the lives of children for the past fruitful years. Our school is a leader in providing quality education in an English based curriculum. We strive to create a nurturing learning environment where students can explore and grow. Shaping future leaders is a great responsibility and we strive to equip students with the Knowledge, Character, and Experience they need to succeed.

At Stella Maris International School Quelimane, we provide a diverse student body, internationally recognized curriculum, quality educators and resources, and experiential learning opportunities. Please see below for more information on our unique qualities.

Diverse Student Body

Our student body represents many nationalities and ethnicities. Stella Maris International School encourages learning about different perspectives and respecting different backgrounds. Students are motivated, enthusiastic engaged, and our greatest resource.

Cambridge Curriculum

Our school resourced with current quality curriculums. Students work in English with books specifically designed for multi- cultural learners. Our school creates a supportive environment for English language learners and learners with disabilities

Educators and Resources

            Stella Maris International School   qualified and dedicated to the growth and development of each child. Our school enhances learning opportunities. Through our library, computer lab, Portuguese classes, slow learner to educator ratio, and clubs.

Extra Curricular Activities

            Students are participate numerous experiential learning opportunities. Activities such as our garage sale, food fest, dance, field trips, camping, and literary showdown develop entrepreneurial skills, teamwork, and hands on experience.

Peaceful Local Community

Quelimane is a quaint and secure Mozambican town. Stella Maris International School is centrally located within easy walking distance of MAIN Shopping Centers.