Science Laboratory

The SMIS Science Laboratory is designed to provide ventilation and it’s equipped with fire extinguishers, fire alarm, and medicine cabinet for the safety of the students.

The laboratory has also the basic equipment and glassware for taking observations and measurements, and for conducting simple experiments for primary and secondary students.


The Stella Maris International School (SMIS) Library provides access to reliable information and expert services that support student and lifelong learning in a welcoming environment.

SMIS students are the Library’s primary constituency. see more…

Audio Visual Room (AVR)

The air-conditioned Audio-Visual Room system was designed as a multi-purpose room, simultaneously serving the function as both a training / seminars and meetings, multimedia capable lecture room.

Control System

All components can be easily controlled by using the amplifier panel. Auxiliary port and mic w/ cord and 1 wireless microphone.


  1. Using the LCD projector and sound system installed in the room
  2. Computer display with internet connection
  3. Laptop connection
  4. DVD player
  5. Document Digital Camera
  6. CD/Audiocassette
  7. Laser pointer

Recreational Sports Center

Recreational open Sports owned by the club sporting of Nampula manages multiple indoor and outdoor facilities on the Stella Maris International School campus.

Special Features 4 in 1:

  1. Basketball court
  2. Tennis court
  3. Foot ball court
  4. Volleyball

Recreational Sports offers use of these facilities for Informal Recreation, Invitation games, and reservation of the students of Stella Maris International School use.

If you would like to make a reservation for the use of a Recreational Sports facility please contact the Stella Maris International School Campus at +258 26 2 18727 / The Club Sporting In-charge.