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As alumni of the Stella Maris International School, your relationship with the school does not have to end at the time of your graduation. It will continue to grow as you stay in touch with former classmates and other graduates.

We invite you to keep in touch with your former classmates and schoolmates.

The online Alumni Directory will soon be open and we encourage the graduates to logon and keep up to date with the school activities, as well as stay informed on educational and professional opportunities available to members of the Alumni.

Come and join the association and be part of the family. Our alumni and friends make a contribution not only through the donations but your knowledge and professional ideas continue to make SMIS a better place to learn and teach.

Our alumni association continues to play an active role in bringing our graduates together through year-round social events, so if you haven’t checked in to see your former classmates, teachers, or even the campus in a while, please consider reconnecting with Stella Maris International School (SMIS) soon.

We value the contributions that our alumni made to our school while they were here and what they’ve achieved since.