General Update


Our 2019 results came out on January 2020 and were very pleasing.
 10 students sat for Primary checkpoint and produced 100% pass rate of which 4 students had 100% in Science and 2 students 98% Mathematics.


5 students sat for the exams and our pass rate was pleasing.
Best student: Petty Macarinque – 2A+, 2As and 1B
Second Best:  Arna Khatri – 2 As, 2Bs and 1C.
 Academically the year was very productive.
In 2020 during lockdown we managed to send our Grade 7 students for checkpoint exams and our pass rate was 100%.
The Grade 6 students successfully graduated in 2020 regardless of Covid-19 troubles.
2021 started well, we are going to have our Primary Checkpoint and IGCSE exams in October/November 2021. Continue to check for further updates on this platform / feel free to contact the main office for further information.

Payments and Registration

Checkpoint and IGCSE registration end date 15/07/2021.
Checkpoint Registration fee 10,000mts, 3 subjects X 3000mts/subject = *19,000mts*.
IGCSE Registration fee 28,000mts plus 8,000mts/subject.
All exams to be done in Nampula. Parents cater for own accommodation and transport logistics.