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No student’s experience is exactly like another—from Freshman Year, so students are given the flexibility to chart their own paths. Your time with SMIS will be a holistic academic experience. Take some time to explore the many facets of the school that matters in education.

Overview  ›

The school’s academic infrastructure focuses mainly on the curriculum of each subject area.  The curriculum is yearly evaluated for effectiveness and relevance according to the students’ needs and interests.  Students are required to attain a set of expectations which corresponds … Continued

Curriculum  ›

Curriculum Framework is not a syllabus or a prescriptive program of work, but instead defines the approaches to learning, pedagogy, assessment and reporting common to all divisions of Stella Maris International School and designed to improve the quality of learning … Continued

Extra Curricular Activities  ›

The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for students of all ages. Aside from the academic being taught, Portuguese lessons from Grade 3 to 11 are compulsory.  Some lessons in Portuguese are offered in the afternoon … Continued

High School/Primary/Pre-School  ›

High School Department High School Grade 7 to Grade 10 The High School Department programs allow students to strengthen skills and apply principles introduced in the Lower School. More advanced research, writing projects and discussions help students to enhance understanding … Continued