Rules and Regulations for Students


  1. Punctuality of the children in academics, curricular, and extra-curricular activities should be observed. A warning will be given to students who incur five accumulated tardiness.
  2. The wearing of prescribed school uniform is compulsory. Rubber shoes should be worn during sports time and sandals on special occasions only. Children who won’t wear the proper uniform after three warnings will be subjected to disciplinary action. After the second notification to parents about incomplete uniform, the school has the right not to allow a pupil/student in the classroom and send him/her home.
  3. Bring school materials everyday. (Notebooks, pencils, erasers, books and others)
  4. Make a line during school time before entering the classroom.
  5. No one is allowed to enter the classroom during break time in the morning at (8:00am); during break time and afternoon interval (12:00h – 13:00h) unless it is raining. Playing inside the classroom during break time and interval is not allowed.
  6. Start and finish schoolwork on time, work quietly and independently in class.
  7. Do homework always.
  8. Attend curricular activities regularly. (Portuguese, Computers and Physical Education)
  9. Participate actively in all school programs.
  10. Work and play well with others.
  11. All toys / games brought to school will be confiscated.
  12. Throw litter in the garbage can.
  13. Do not play rough football/basketball on the school grounds.
  14. Lost books borrowed from the library and textbooks issued for rental should be paid or replaced.
  15. Students who borrowed books which are not returned after 2 days for the lower levels ( Grades 1-4 ) and after 5 days for the higher levels ( Grades 5 – 11 ) will be fined Mt.5.00 per day.
  16. All books and notebooks should be properly covered and labeled. All books given in the school are on rental basis.
  17. Arrange tables and chairs before leaving the classroom during break time and dismissal time.
  18. Maintaining the cleanliness of the classroom at all times.
  19. Lost notebooks and books should be replaced.
  20. Bringing mobile phones or any electronic gadgets to school is strictly prohibited. Subject teachers will confiscate the cell phone if a student is found with a cell phone. All confiscated gadgets will be given back to parents/guardian at the end of the particular term.
  21. The use of obscene and offensive language in the school premises is prohibited.
  22. Signing of the matriculation agreement is a must every beginning of school year.
  23. Always sign the student movement control form when going out of the class for necessities
  24. Secure a permission slip when student feels sick during lesson to authorize going home and it should be signed by the class advisor.




Violations of school routine procedures and rules, and lack of cooperation with school regulations, which facilitate student growth and development is discouraged. To maintain order and discipline among the students, sanctions for specific violations are herein listed.

The Directress will take charge of the disciplinary actions. In the absence of the Directress, the respective department head will take over.


  1. Minor Offenses ( Grades 1 – 11 )


  1. Littering / Loitering
  2. Inciting vulgar words and yelling
  3. Eating during class hours or chewing gums & eating sweets
  4. Talking in Portuguese or in the vernacular
  5. Habitual Tardiness
  6. All sorts of misbehavior during assemblies, classes, and similar activities

(running, shouting names, cracking green jokes, boisterous laughing, etc.)

  1. Coming to school without homework
  2. Habitual Practice of not bringing school materials



First Offense:  The offense will be written in the logbook and will be signed by the student together with the member of the disciplinary board.

Second Offense: The offense will be written in the logbook; the members of the disciplinary board will take an action.

Third Offense: The offense will be written in the logbook and we will call the attention of the parents so we can send the child home.

On the wearing of prescribed school uniform :


After the second notification to parents, the school has the right not to allow the student to enter the campus.

In cases when the uniforms are not yet ready, only decent clothes are allowed to be worn – no blouses or shirts with plunging necklines, no hanging shirts or blouses, no shorts, no mini skirts, no denim pants or skirts with low hipline. As a school rule, the school management will not allow any student who come in this attire. Wearing of slippers is prohibited.

Proper, clean, and decent haircut for boys is strictly implemented. No student is accepted at the gate with the dinosaur haircut, or the like. Hair-dyeing, wearing of an earring or earrings, nose ring, lip ring, eyebrow ring, tongue ring and fancy belts among boys are strictly not allowed.

The wearing of prescribed school uniform for new students will be on the 15th of February 2018, while old students who just changed their uniforms will be on the 25th of February 2018. From these dates, the rules regarding the wearing of school uniforms will take effect.

2.  Major Offenses: ( Grades 1 – 11)


  1. 1. Serious disobedience to persons in authority
  2. Answering back or uttering defamatory words to persons in authority
  3. Fighting / Inflicting physical injury
  4. Possession of deadly weapons
  5. Vandalism against a student’s and/or school property
  6. Gambling of any form
  7. Possessing and using of dangerous and prohibited drugs
  8. Stealing in and out of school
  9. Cheating in quizzes, test, and other exams
  10. Forging signatures on letters, homework notebooks, report cards, or tampering of grades
  11. Possession of pornographic materials
  12. Giving serious threat to other students

***Other offenses that are not listed and may happen will be dealt accordingly after due process.

First Offense:        The student will be on detention as per decision by the disciplinary board.

Second Offense:The parent/s of the delinquent student will be called for a conference with the Management Team. The student will write a Promissory Note which will be signed by both the student and the parent.

Third Offense:       The parent/s will be called again to sign the Warning and Suspension Form. The student will be suspended for one week, and will just stay home and do self-study.

Fourth Offense:     The student will be suspended for an indefinite number of weeks.


**In cases of vandalism, any destroyed property of a student or the school should be replaced.