The Stella Maris International School faculty is dedicated to delivering bold new ideas in the classroom which delivers quality instruction, motivates the students to reach for heights in critical thinking, and helps the institution to serve the community as well.

The goal of both faculty and the staff is the students’ success.


High School Department  ›

An overview of our High School staff members

Primary Department  ›

  Florence Gran Grade School Grade 1   Fe Barrameda Grade School Grade 3 Apple   Jingle Palor Grade School Grade 2   Rowena Pascual Grade School Grade 2   Reyma Bundang Grade School Grade 4 Ruby   Sofia Mubatsa … Continued

Pre-School Department  ›

Agnes Funtanar Principal Kindergarten Kinder 2   Ancha Da Silva Kindergarten Kinder 2 Lily   Zohra Mithani Kindergarten Kinder 1   Knowyna Butac Kindergarten Preparatory     MS. Idercia Rafael Mausse Kindergarten Playgroup

Part-time Teachers  ›

MR. FERNANDO CHIOZA Portuguese Teacher Grade 3 to 10 MR. JOSIMAR LIMA Capoeira/Sports Teacher MR. HAGE EDUARDO GEMBA ALEIXO Sports Teacher MR. ISAIAS ERNESTO NDALUZA Assistant Teacher Kinder 1

Staff  ›

  MS. LOURDES E. GARCIA School Secretary   MS. ESPERANCA CELESTE SALVADOR Accounting Clerk   MR. ALFREDO B. BARRAMEDA, JR. General Maintenance In-charge   MR. FERNANDO NIPERO School Accountant